Brochure concept & direction



Client came to us with a task to create a sales tool. Ergolain is not just a furniture distributor and producer, it’s planning huge working areas as well as manages building, architectural and interior planning projects. Ergolain accompanies you from a need for a bigger office space, to the key to your new office door. Target for such services are top level management of expanding companies.

Every manager is dyeing to increase productivity and motivation of his staff, ergonomic office spaces just do that. Since our target has no time, but willing to know how can we help him, we came up with a new term – Business Ergonomics. It’s all about effectivity, time and quality. We produced a brochure that takes just 5 minutes to present, while communicating all important messages regarding office planning and management, leaving a client with a brochure, contacts and a time to make decision.