Integrated campaign



Lithuanian language is believed to be the most conservative living Indo-European languages, retaining many features of Proto-Indo-European language now lost in other Indo-European languages as well as one of the most complex language in the world. National dictation is held by local weekly newspaper “Atgimimas” every year. It’s goal – save national language from foreign language’s influence. Our goal was to increase awareness of that influence and bring more younger audience to the National Dictation 2013 event held in every county of the country.


Youth usually ignores difficult lithuanian language spelling and keeps writing and talking in more simple “slang” language. The idea of the campaign was to use their own weapon against them – slang – and make funny ads. Campaign slogan was written in wrong way, so everybody noticed it as well as radio spot with geezer Kąstytis writing a classified advert of his missing dog. National icon, poet and a face on 20 Litas bill – Maironis was used as most identified persona for the target audience to make notices on their rude language. Maironis gets frustrated and speaks in his classic poetic manner, that sounds very funny.

“Could you please send us your awesome radio spot, so that we could air it on our station?” - NeringaFM.