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Moriamin – vitamins featuring amino acids, it helps your body cells to divide with less error, making your life more productive, happier and longer. In other words - elixir of youth.
Original website We decided not to explain the chemistry behind the product, but get straight to the point – use it and enjoy your life. Video website was used to show two life scenarios of a young woman who just graduated from university. Usually at this stage women tend to think of the future, so its the touchpoint for the brand.
Concept and idea – Tomas Gruzdys aka Groozdas in collab with AdPro | isobar Kyiv
Art direction – Tomas Gruzdys and Ksenia Babankova (AdPro | isobar Kyiv)
Strategist – Ludmila Krutchenko (AdPro | isobar Kyiv)
Project manager – Matas Labašauskas and Anastasia Voitkevich (AdPro | isobar Kyiv)
Production – GRAD and Out Of Office
Director – Tomas Gruzdys and Karolis Stankus
Sound – Soundboxing
Flash programming and AS – Gytis Galvanauskas
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